Privacy policy

Limited company Far East recognizes the importance of protection of personal information, thinks that using appropriately and protecting is social responsibility, and promises to strive for protection of personal information.

The definition of personal information

Our company collects, uses and does personal information only in within the limits of it for the following purposes.
When collection and use of the personal information by our company are based on a visitor's spontaneous offer and a visitor was provided with personal information, the visitor should permit that our company used personal information in conformity with this plan.

1. Business required when we send our ordered goods.


2. To offer of information considered useful and for new product to need to be shown around etc.for a visitor.


3. Opinion collection for inquiry from our company which is needed on performing a task, check, and improvement in service


4. Various kinds of inquiry correspondences

Third party offer of personal information

Without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself in advance, unless it is based on a just reason, when based on a statute, our company discloses personal information and does not offer it at a third party

Management of personal information

In order to prevent disclosure of personal information, destruction, defamation, etc., our company installs a protection-of-personal-information management representative, and strives for sufficient safe protection,moreover, personal information.

Reference of the contents of information, correction, or deletion

The case where reference of the personal information which the visitor offered in our company, correction, or deletion is expected of our company after we allowed to check that he is the person himself/herself, we will correspond promptly in the rational range.

About security

Ourshopping system is proved by digital ID of VeriSign.
The contents by which the data input in shopping and transmission were filled in by it since all of a visitor's web browser and communication between servers were enciphered by SSL encryption communication are transmitted safely. 

Far East Ltd.

The inquiry about privacy policy


Since the employee who can speak English has not established permanently, please ask by e-mail.


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