About copyright

The right about all the contents (it is hereafter called contents as a general term), such as a text, a picture, a program, etc. which are exhibited at this site, belongs to our company or the original work author.

Use exceeding the range accepted by laws, such as a private duplicate of these contents, cannot be performed.

The act breaking the Copyright Act and other laws, such as a duplicate, change, reproduction, sale, and publication, is forbidden without obtaining consent of our company and the original work author.

Site use agreement

Please read the following contents well before using Far East Darts (following "this site").
Please use, only when you have agreed with contents among these.

About a qualification

Our company does not take responsibility at all, even if a trouble, a loss, and damage occur by having used this site, concerning the information published to this site.

Our company may change or delete composition, use conditions, URL, contents, etc. of this site without a preliminary announcement.

Moreover, I may interrupt or stop management of this site. Please understand the situation beforehand.

Our company may change without a preliminary announcement of this use agreement. Please understand the situation beforehand. 。

About a prohibited matter

  1. We forbid the following acts when using this site.

  2. 1. Act which bars management of this site, and act which causes trouble   User besides

  3. 2. The act which inflicts trouble, a disadvantage, or damage on a third party or our        company, or act with the fear for user besides .
  5. 3.The act which infringes on property or privacy of a third party or our company, etc., or act with the fear 
  7. 4.The act contrary to  good public order and customs, or act with the fear.
  9. 5.The act which breaks law, a statute, or rules, or act with the fear. 
  11. 6. The act judged that our company is unsuitable in addition to this.

About a link site

About the link from this site, the website of a link place is managed by each management person's responsibility, and we do not guarantee it at all about the contents.

Moreover, responsibility is not taken no matter trouble and damage what may occur, when they are used.

A link does not mean that our company recommends the website of a link place, and its contents, and does not mean having a relation special between our company and the website of a link place, either.


Applicable law

About an interpretation and application of use of this site, and this agreement, as long as there is no law separately, it shall be based on the laws of Japan.

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